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Home“I own a lingerie boutique from several years ago and my interest has always been that everything around – from the clothing to the walls – has the trendy and even avant-guard look that I have always cherished in my vision of a business. Juan and Luis Castañeda were very helpful on that side; they studied the size of my shop and paid attention to my concept, so they used colors according to the ideas I gave them. The combinations of black, red and white they made are fabulous! Spicy and classy. I am more than satisfied with the result! All that I wanted and more they reflected it into the store! I am so pleased!


“An old painting job that my parents did to our house was falling apart and starting to look really awful, plus the constant rains accelerated the damaging process. So I went online and found the people of Castañeda Painting Inc. They listen attentively and saw what was needed to be done, and they used and elements-resistant coating over the new color so it could last for much longer! Besides, it was so quick and so good, that it didn’t give time the rain to fall again! I recommend them a lot”.


“My new office was moved to a new building, and it was necessary to have it painted very soon. A good friend of mine told me about the team of Castañeda Painting Inc. They came almost immediately that I called them and got straight to the work assigned to them. Honest, serious, responsible and efficient, that is how I could describe them and their work”.


“One day I visited my boyfriend and his house was being painted. The workers were polite all the time and very committed to what they were doing, and the house looks just spectacular. You can also tell about the incredible quality of the painting they did by just looking at it, the finishing is perfect! Several of our relatives have also used their services and recommend them too”.


Testimonies“We are new in this country, My husband got a very rewarding job offer in Denver, so we moved here and after we found the house we were going to live in, we contacted the services of Castañeda Painting Inc. We shared ideas and they customized it into the painting they performed, which resulted in a very harmonic environment both inside and out that we really love! We really thank them for their highly professional service!”

Claire and John.

“I looked to have a customized recording studio at my very own style. Castañeda Painting Inc.  Did all of that for me at a very affordable price, so I have a great studio with a fresh new look! And let me tell you: It has an amazing appearance!”


“My wall and windows needed some cleaning and repairs. I did not know whom to go to, but in the internet I found the solution: Castañeda Painting Inc. They repaired and cleaned my windows and checked deeply into the wall for physical issues so they fixed it first, painted it and then covered the new painting with a protective sealer so the new color will last even for years! How cool is that? I tell everybody to paint their houses and/or buildings with them, their work is very good and also guaranteed!”


“I had a previous terrible experience with a painting company tht turned out to be a fraud. They charged me a lot, and their work was just ugly! A baby could even do it better than them! Then my mom told me about The Castañeda’s family and their hardworking professional crew. They cleaned thoroughly the mess and repaint everything… My house looks like brand new! And at a very affordable price! Of course I recommend their services!”


“I have always been of the kind of people that is very critical about renovation projects both residential or commercially. It is my job as a journalist to always tell the truth, no matter if it’s pleasant or not. And what is true about the service supplied by Castañeda Painting Inc. is that they perform an excellent, careful and impressive service that combines high quality with very good prices and the best timing ever. Among other painting services, they are definitely superior!”


“I was looking to redecorate every single corner in my house. To change the colors, and yet to keep the harmony that was already there. So a neighbor told me about the Castañeda’s and I spoke to them. What a pleasant and refreshing talk! They are very friendly and they truly know their thing; they did an amazing job of redecoration with the painting inside and out. You do not to look for anybody else but them!”


Luís E Castaneda



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