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Other ServicesWith more than 20 years of experience that speak a lot about the great customer service they provide, Juan and Luis Castañeda have taken the responsibility of renewing the exterior image of any place to new heights with their company  Castañeda Painting Inc. They fully understand the importance of a first impression, and if you own a place, it needs to have a fresh, warming and inviting look for your potential customers, a place that inspires them all the trust to be there and enjoy its surroundings. Of course, the maintenance is a very important factor to think about in order the maintain the appeal of any commercial or residential structure correctly, that is why the Castañeda’s and their skillful team offer you a wide variety of services that are very useful on that matter such as:

portfolio_05– Pressure washing with hoses that reach difficult places

– Sprayed

– Spot Priming, in order for the painting to have uniformity

– Roll & Brush, so everything gets deeply clean

– Re-Caulking

– Scraping

– Windows Cleaning, to make them shine

– Clean Gutters, to avoid any possible obstructions

– Repaint

– Stain Decks, to prevent damages in the painting

– Stain Interior/exterior, to reinforce the quality of the work you have.

All of that and so much more, you can find it with us! You can call us anytime time, we work 24/7. Our crew will be more than glad to share their good ideas for your place with you and give the look it deserves: the best of all.

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