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House Painters Denver Services. If you want your Home Sweet Home keeps as it is, keep in mind that it needs maintenance on a regular basis. In this unpredictable weather of our beautiful city in Denver, home needs to be painted regularly so it can support the freezing weather or the heat.

The Castañedas know all of that. With 20 years of experience as painters in Denver, they have become one of the best companies Contractors in the city. And not only they will work for your home, they also have commercial services, just in case you need your office to be as beautiful and decorated as you wanted it to be. House Painters Contractor Denver

We have exterior painting services, and we can assure you we use the best materials so your home can keep its beauty for the longest time, and be your neighbors envy.

House Painters in Denver Colorado. Contractors Residential

If you think your bedroom, kitchen, or any other room of your house need new painting, but really, you don’t have the time to paint or you think you are not good at that, you can contact Castañeda family.

They know what paint and color will suit your home and makes it look beautiful and modern. The techniques we use for painting are the most professional ones.

You can contact us for a free estimate. We have the most affordable prices in Denver, we also work in Castle Rock, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Denver Metro, Boulder and Greeley. We also speak Spanish and it makes us to take a personal interest in our customers. Painting Contractors Denver house painters

We accept credit card or check. Don’t you know where to start? Give us call for a free estimates!

painting are the most professional ones

These tips will help you to make the finish look perfect. Choose the correct paint tomato your time to find the type of paint and the correct finish (gloss, Matt or semi), consultation with professionals. The quality and the type of paint are as important as the color to achieve a good result brushes and rollers of quality question in the paint shop are the recommended products. Some good brushes and rollers will cover better surface, by what save paint, apart from achieving a better finished clean surfaces to paint if the surfaces are clean, the paint adhere better. Use a mixture of warm water and SOAP to wash dishes (if you have mushrooms used vinegar to clean it). With a sponge, clean all the walls from top to bottom. Let the surface dry completely before you start to paint. Lighting a good lighting will help you see the parts which are not covered well in paint and other errors, using artificial light when necessary. Cover elements that are not painted. Cover with tape bodywork light tops and door handles. If there are nails in the walls, remove them also. USA Putty plaster to cover the holes, sanded and cleaned the dust. It covers the furniture, remove lamps.

How we Work

You can definitely count on our experience. Our customers can tell you how we work and the result

20 years of experience in Denver

You can definitely count on our experience. Our customers can tell you how we work and the result is that they have stayed with us for many years!

They know what paint and color will suit your home


Being bilingual makes us give a personalized attention to our customers and accomplish with what they want and need

We accept credit card or check

We accept credit card or check

Give us a call to give you a free estimate. We accept any form of payment so you can be able to choose

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